November 7, 2015

It's the weekend!

  • I got my third and final Stitch Fix shipment. A cowl neck sweater? You know - one of those floppy neck boobless things that nobody has worn for at least 2 years, let alone seasons? And an acrylic forest green chunky knit sweater. Oy. I can't take the ugly suggestions anymore.
  • Beasley gashed his foot open about a week ago. Probably while chasing a rabbit like a maniac. We've had him wearing a boot since to try to stop him from licking it. The boot is off today for the first time, and he's mostly leaving it alone. So that's good news. We were worried it'd need stitches.
  • My Audible app stopped playing with my headphones. So lame, since I'm right in the middle of a book. It plays fine from my phone speakers, just not via headphones. And everything else is fine with headphones. I'm blaming the latest upgrade. Dumb.
  • It was nice to not have to rush anywhere today. Just regular errands and house cleaning and lawn mowing and screwing around. I like that.
  • I keep camera shopping, hoping I'll find it even cheaper somewhere. I don't think I will.
  • I'm so happy it's the weekend. Gosh, this feels good.

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