November 12, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. I have to do a big presentation at work today. So, of course, I spilled my whole cup of coffee on my pants before 10 a.m.
  2. It looks like Beerman is working for a Canadian company soon. Guess we should start practicing our 'aboot', 'doh-lahr', and 'eh'.
  3. Maybe he'll get Canadian benefits? Now that'd be nice.
  4. I picked up the Jingle Bell Run/Walk shirts for the team yesterday. We'll be in green this year.
  5. I haven't broken it to C-man that Eddie Lacy is now the Packers' #2 back. Some things are better left un-said.
  6. Report cards come home today. That'll be interesting.
  7. I have been doing better with the eating this week. Working out has been a bust with our schedule. It's a bad excuse though. I need to do better.
  8. I'm glad it's getting to be vacation time at work. I really need some time away where I don't have to think about work.
  9. C-man wants a hoverboard for Christmas. I think that's a really bad decision.
  10. Beasley's foot is healing. I really hope we can get him to the park this weekend, because he is nuts.
  11. This is our slow month. So why doesn't it feel slower?
  12. I'm reading the 4th book in the Outlander series. I'm tired of this series and going to move on after this book. But bajeezes, these are long.
  13. Speaking of which, I'm taking book recommendations. No sappy Nicholas Sparks nonsense, either.

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