November 10, 2015

Random stuff

  • We just had a guacamole and salsa fest at work. Next week we have a Thanksgiving potluck. In the middle of cold and flu season. Double gross.
  • Speaking of which, I think the house is all feeling 100% again. For today, at least.
  • The work cafeteria has been kind of bad lately, so I've decided to start bringing a lunch. The problem is it's gone before 11 a.m. when it's time for lunch.
  • Beasley's foot seems to be healing. Hopefully we can get him to the park this weekend, because he's already going nuts. He's been stealing each of C-man's stuffed animals and placing them throughout the house in very specific locations.
  • I only sort of like Instagram. However, this feed makes it all worthwhile. It makes me want to buy a Jeep and go nuts with Beasley. Except I don't really like camping. And he hates riding in the car. You know, the little things.
  • Operation Spring Break Bikini is underway. Can I just wish it to happen? That'd be so much easier.

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