November 19, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. C-man is all scheduled for ski club at school. It's hard to believe it's ski club time.
  2. It's another potluck at work today. I think other people are getting tired of these, because there isn't nearly as much food there today.
  3. I made a yellow cake. From a box. Because I had no time. It was gone in mere minutes.
  4. Someone brought poached pears in mustard and bacon. Now that was actually worth it.
  5. I've been quite dependent on my coffee lately and not drinking enough water. Time to reverse that trend. Except now I have to pee all the time.
  6. Classmates keeps sending me emails asking if I know these people. Um... no? Geez. High School was a long time ago. And to be honest, I didn't like the people then. What difference is 20+ years going to do?
  7. C-man wants a Hoverboard for Christmas. This seems like a really bad idea to me.
  8. It's going to snow this weekend. It'll be good for my bees, at least, so they stop eating their stores of honey.
  9. But it also means I have to get my act together on hats and boots and matching mittens. Where do all those right-handed mittens go anyway?
  10. I'm following the Brewers trades today. It makes me happy to think about Spring.
  11. We have our Fiji-New Zealand travel figured out. Now to figure out those last two days in Fiji that we no longer have a room for.
  12. I think we're going to get moved to a Hilton on the island instead. It's a better place at a lower cost than we'd pay otherwise, so it makes sense.
  13. One more day of work to go...

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