November 9, 2015

Leaping into the week

  • I've begun Operation Spring Break 2016. In other words, lose the fat because I'm not about to take photos for all posterity looking like I look.
  • First world problems, I realize.
  • My right shoulder, you know - the one that's been hurting since February - is finally able to move in full range of motion. Still stiff, but moving. Thank God I went to all that PT, she says sarcastically and 9 months later.
  • But now my hips are killing me and I can't really sit. Damn this arthritis.
  • Speaking of which, the Jingle Bell Walk is Sunday. There's still time to sign up if you haven't already. The weather is supposed to be nice, which is hopeful.
  • I've got a package of bees ordered for spring. I'm thinking I should get a couple more. I have enough equipment for 3 more hives, and that's if my hives overwinter okay.
  • Speaking of which, this warm weather is not good for the bees. I'm worried they're eating all their honey. I'm going to give a super back to one, and feed sugar. But it's still worrisome.
  • I'm afraid I'm not a very good farmer.

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