November 3, 2015

Ten Things on Tuesday

  1. I'm sick, and starting to cough a lot. Ugh.
  2. Last night, C-man declared having a night off felt good. I think he overschedules himself so much, he forgets what down time is.
  3. Speaking of which, he's signed up for the athletic training after school until wrestling starts.
  4. I have our tickets to Spectre for opening night on Friday. Ohmygosh, I cannot wait.
  5. In a spare moment, I went through this season's football photos. I took a lot of photos of those 6th graders.
  6. I keep saying I'm going to start working out more regularly and haven't. I hate that.
  7. The football banquet is Thursday night. It's my last volunteer gig for a bit, which one of the only good things about winter.
  8. Someone from the team wanted me to doctor up some photos so she could print them out for the coaches. She's now emailed several times because she can't figure out how to order photos online. Seriously.
  9. It's the second thing I've been asked to do for the coaches. Each time, I want to remind people that my husband is a coach. I think people don't think.
  10. My hair stylist is going to start coloring hair. Which is great news, because my colorist is moving to Wauwatosa. I cannot drive to Wauwatosa for my hair. I have to draw the line somewhere.

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