November 6, 2015

Made it

Making it to Friday sure seemed like a true feat of strength this week. Fall is always a hard time for me physically, and actually being sick doesn't help matters. I feel like I'm getting better virus-wise, but had such a splitting headache by the middle of last night's football banquet, I could barely see straight. (And of course, 99% of the people split after and didn't even bother to pick up their own messes). And C-man was having serious doubts about himself after the football banquet and wanted to talk 'deep' talk on the ride home. I really appreciate that he opens up like that, and can articulate his feelings so well. I just wish I'd been in a better state of mind to help him out. So we snuggled for a bit and both decided sleep was the better option for us.

But we made it. To November - a month of being sports-free. To the 6th, which is opening night of Spectre (seats J15, 16, and 17 at 7 p.m.). To Friday, which means we have a few days of not thinking about work. To a weekend where my bee equipment, except the extractor, is put away (and I realized I can start 2 more hives with all the crap I've accumulated!) and I can focus on cleaning up other areas that desperately need attention.

My goodness. We made it.

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