April 30, 2009

Barbie love

The other day, my child started talking about how he really needed a Barbie. As Beerman chortled a chortle that really said, "Over my dead body," I remembered that I had one in the closet. (I tend to keep some "just in case" gifts lying around, because I've been caught with a birth or birthday, and needed a gift ASAP, so now I'm prepared.) So much to Beerman's chagrin, I reached into the closet and pulled out a Barbie. And seriously, how can you deny someone such happiness?
This is one of those photos that he's going to HATE later on in life...

Fast forward to this morning, with C-man having Barbie in hand, pretending she's a pteradactyl. Somehow, Beerman felt a bit better about that.


Maybe I've got swine flu. I've only got 6 more days until my 33rd, so maybe this is how I go. Wow, what a shitty way to go out.


Indigo said...

OMG that's so cute that he wanted a Barbie!

WTG on your lost 15 lbs!!!

Happy Mingling!

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Oh cute! A pteradactyl! I love it.

**Mingle, mingle** {a day late} :)