April 4, 2009


http://www.wikihow.com/Graciously-Hint-About-a-Gift Remember the purpose of a hint. I really like to take pictures, but it's a shame my camera is so out of date. Make sure the person is listening. Helllloooo? Anybody out there? Drop a hypothetical hint. If I were to get a Nikon SLR camera, how good do you think my pictures would turn out? Drop a historical hint. Remember when we got a new camera just before we went to South Africa and we had such a great time using our new gadget? Wasn't that great? Do your hinting duty. I'm sure that others must enjoy my photography, but I doubt they can fully enjoy it with such an old camera. Remember timing. My birthday is coming up... Hint when you receive a gift. Thanks for all the thoughtful gifts I've ever received, but especially those that involve cameras.

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