April 23, 2009

Runners high, my ass

Everyone talks about that wonderful "runners high". So today at boot camp I expected to feel it, since we ran (okay, I jogged) 1.5 miles on the beach (on the sand that isn't really packed down), and then 3 miles around Lake Park (starting by going up the big, really long hill up to UWM), with 4 stations of jump rope along the way. And at no point did I hit this so-called runners high. I did, however, hit the notable points of "swearing a lot inside my head", "10 creative excuses as to why I shouldn't finish," and "total and complete body numbness". And believe me, none of those were amazing or anything near a "high". I think I'm missing something that makes me like running, because even after the 4.5, I still think running blows. ***************** P.S. Today is Shakespeare's birthday. So enjoy it by talking like a Shakespearean play!


Indigo said...

you look great in your new photo btw. :-)

As for a runners high, I think you can only attain it when you are on your treadmill watching your favorite tv show. I got it this morning watching MTV's The Dual while I ran 3.5 miles. ;-)

Happy Mingling!

kathi said...

:: mingling ::

I have not run (except to chase down a dog with something in its mouth that wasn't meant for consumption) in many years, but I don't recall ever getting a "runner's high." The body numbness, and also the "runner's about-to-puke", yes. High, no!

Stereocilia said...

you'll know when you get runners high, but don't expect to feel what others feel. it's an individual experience. just keep running. i didn't experience it until i ran 6 miles, but that's just me. Good Job on your boot camp run!

Sockpuppet said...

proud of you for your boot camp! If you can call it a high I get that way from power walking.
loved the notable points you mentioned also.. too funny!!

mingle mingle!!