April 17, 2009

Oh my God, it's Friday!

Looking back to Monday, I wasn't sure this day was ever going to come. But here it finally is. Beerman got home late last night (after successfully going through 2 countries, 4 states, 1 province and 3 time zones in 4 days) and successfully scared the bejeezus out of me at 2:30 a.m. In my sleep-induced delirium, he came into the room, and I was CONVINCED that he was standing in the doorway and peeing on the floor. Based on his reaction to me sitting up in bed and shouting, "Beerman! You're peeing on the floor?!?!", he was convinced that it was really me who was the nutjob. Which is what I realized when he said very carefully, "Are you okay? Do you need something?" But all that aside, it is fabulouso to have him back, even if he is peeing on the bedroom floor in my dreams. ********************* Tonight's our night out to go see Chris Cornell. Beerman has hearted Chris Cornell since his Soundgarden days. I think it'll be interesting to see how he does solo and live. And hell, it's an actual date like grownups do! ********************* On a boot camp update, today was our fitness test. You had to do as many pushups and situps as you could (47 and 100); hold a plank pose for as long as you could (1:45); and run a mile (embarassing 11:02). So here's my problem. I pay attention to the time, and hit that. Which is wrong. The whole point of this is to gauge your level, and I can't do that if I lay down and think, "I'm going to do 100 situps" and then do 100 situps. Somehow, I'm going to have to work through that problem, because I totally could have done more than I did. Have a great weekend!

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