April 17, 2009

Scream tour live


After listening to the horrible opener (I suspect it's Chris Cornell's brother-in-law, because why else would such crap be allowed to go first?), and waiting over an hour with nothing going on (seriously, this is not Lalapalooza. There was nothing to do, it was more than a little self-indulgent and people were getting angry), Chris Cornell appeared at about 10:15.

And holy crap, he didn't stop! I've never considered myself his fan, and certainly not obsessed like Beerman. But he was absolutely AMAZING live. (The video quality is too poor on my crappy-ass cell phone to post any others - I just had to capture the distinctive scream). The only bad thing is that he was still going at 12:30, and Beerman and I looked at each other and said, "We've got to go home and let the babysitter go home!" Well, that, and the fact that Beerman's time zones are a mess, and I'd been up since 4:30.

Despite his demonic looks, Chris Cornell goes into my Jennifer recommends list.

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