April 2, 2009

Growing pains

The other night C-man looked at me and said, "Mommy, my legs hurt really bad." When I asked where, he pointed to his shins. My child, who just grew so much this past month that his pants are now capris, is going through another growth spurt. And it's one that's bad enough that he's got real growing pains. How is that possible? I remember that pain so vividly myself that I immediately pushed Motrin down his throat and let him have his favorite - some more cheese. ***************While not growing pain-related, this impending weather front is out to get me. I could barely sleep last night due to the my-bones-are-being-crushed feeling, so ended up not working out this morning. Which I know in turn makes things worse, but just couldn't make myself get out of bed. I am creaking like the tin man. I am going to have to do something tonight after work, though, or my return to boot camp is going to be hell.

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kathi said...

Hiya! Monthly Mingle sent me to meet you today. I feel for you and the weather-related aches and pains. My own weather-related pain is a different one: sinus headaches whenever the weather changes. I'm in Chicago so change happens often too. Let's hope for some nice and stable healthy weather!!