September 15, 2014

Not such a fun day on this Monday

  • After last night's complete lack of sleep due to pain, I am thoroughly motivated to try something new. And despite my 3 a.m. tears and vow to go back to the doctor, my minimally more coherent and highly caffeinated mind thinks pharmaceuticals are the wrong way to go. I think I've got to do a stupid cleanse again. Not that it helped me with the arthritis all that much, but it dropped a bunch of weight so I could move easier. And that definitely helps. Ack.
  • My fall harvest bee class is tonight. I've been really excited for this class, but wish it weren't tonight because I'm so tired.
  • I think I need to get up to my bees next weekend to steal any honey I'm going to take and set them up for winter.
  • We have a mudroom framed out in the kitchen, and the electrical work is almost done. Bring on the duct work!
  • So far, while it's not great having my kitchen torn up, it hasn't been the worst thing in the world. After all, I am getting a new kitchen out of this deal. It's kind of hard to complain about that.
  • I signed up for the Jingle Bell Walk for Arthritis again. November 2nd. Let's do this thing!
  • I wonder if anyone would notice if I napped under my desk today?

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