September 4, 2014

Thursday Thirteen Randoms

  1. The power went out as I got out of the shower this morning.
  2. My "natural beauty" is pretty horrific today.
  3. Not having coffee in the morning might be the scariest thing, however.
  4. The Packers play tonight. Just in case you were wondering where we'll be at 7:30 tonight.
  5. Unless we still don't have power. Then you'll find us at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  6. The kitchen is down to the bare essentials now. Even the old wires are stripped.
  7. My job this weekend is to go through all the tubs of kitchen things and pull out the essentials to stock my fancy garage kitchen.
  8. You know, the kitchen right next to the bumblebee nest. Because I'm a sharer.
  9. My new microwave should arrive today, so that's something.
  10. Our 48" range is ordered too, so hopefully that shows up in good time.
  11. I have to fill out a "family recipe" card for a work wedding shower. Would a Brandy Old Fashioned recipe be out of line?
  12. C-man's first football game is this weekend. Oh, he's going to have so much fun.
  13. Speaking of that, Beerman has to work the football chain gang the following weekend. Good times.

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