September 3, 2014

This, that, and all the other stuff

  • The bus comes 10 minutes earlier this year than it has in previous years. This makes Beerman and me cheer with delight. C-man still can't get his act together in time and was racing for the bus again today.
  • He declared his teacher to be "phenomenal". I'm not sure how you determine that after one day, but it's a good start, at least.
  • I've had terrible sinus headaches and ulcer pain lately. I'm sort of a mess.
  • As of yesterday, football practices went down to 1 1/2 hours 3 nights a week. This morning, we got an email from the coach asking to bump them up to 2 hours by starting at 4:45.
  • Seriously, who can get out of work, get their kid, get their kid dressed in pads, and then get them off to practice by 4:45? Oy.
  • But C-man did think practice was way too short last night. Unbelievable.
  • The good news is we got an email later in the day telling us they were just going to extend practice to 7 instead. Whew.
  • My honey extractor came yesterday. It's so shiny and beautiful. Now I just really hope I get some honey to spin out in it.
  • I'm really glad it's a short work week.

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Mary Z said...

And don't you just love Chihuly?!?