September 18, 2014

Thursday Thirteen Things On My Mind

  1. Work continues on the kitchen. I came home to a plywood floor yesterday, and it was amazing. You know, it's the little things.
  2. C-man had football photos last night. Nothing like a bunch of 9 and 10 year olds acting tough for the camera. It was adorable.
  3. I got some new shoes for work. They're really cute, but I'm in the "breaking in" stage.
  4. One day, shoes will come already broken in to your foot. I sure hope that day is soon.
  5. C-man has his first band class today. He chose the trumpet. He can't bring it home for a few weeks (they don't want them practicing the wrong stuff). I'm going to have to say that's a splendid rule.
  6. Although, I am looking forward to seeing if I can still play the darned thing.
  7. I went to pick out tile and back splash last night and feel more confused than before. I am terrible at this color picking out thing.
  8. After his agility class tonight, I'm taking C-man for a hair cut. While I wish it would be a giant shave of that head, it really is going to get rid of that last layer on the bottom that is straggling there.
  9. I should probably get up north and see my bees this weekend and determine whether I should start feeding them. I'd really like to wait a couple of weeks to see if they can make any more honey. The good news is the hive that I'm most worried about is the type that needs less honey for the winter. So that's a little consolation.
  10. It's the middle of September, and I realized this morning I'm still wearing August's contacts. Now I have the internal debate whether I stretch them another two weeks or just wear a pair for two weeks. The latter option is probably the healthier one.
  11. Coffee is a really good thing these days. Fall is always a tough time for me, and sleep just has not been coming. But the coffee sure has.
  12. The Tonight Show's lip sync battles make me laugh.
  13. Is it Friday yet?

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