September 2, 2014

Off to 4th grade

The kid hasn't been entirely thrilled about going back to school. I guess 4th grade is the time when the luster falls off the whole school thing for us. I remember hating 4th grade. It definitely was my worst teacher in grade school. She was an awful teacher and read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books to us instead of teaching anything - books we'd either read or had no interest in ever reading at that point. And then there was the Wisconsin chapter. The one where we had to build those stupid books with 3 pictures of tilling fields and 3 actual dried maple leaves and 5 pictures of corn in fields. What a dumb project.

Anyhow, I digress. C-man's bus showed up a little early. And he wasn't all that thrilled to get his act together on time. And we were trying to get his lunch together, not knowing where we'd stored his lunch bag or aluminum foil or anything else we needed. So that combination ended up with a few blurry photos of him as he raced off to get on the bus, and then one shaded face one as I made him do a quick turnaround before he got to the street.

Let the school year begin.

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Mary Z said...

He IS getting old (glad you're not, though).

Pictures of the kitchen redo, please? Are you going back to the walls, i.e., new cabinets, appliances, etc.?