March 24, 2015

I need warm sun on my face

  • I scraped my icy windshield this morning. Happy Spring.
  • I don't get Last Man on Earth. It's supposed to be funny, but almost everyone is dead from a virus. Except there are no dead bodies or animals anywhere. And the guy's a jerk and not funny.
  • My lower back has been crushingly painful lately. I hardly slept last night. It almost makes me want to go back to the rheumatologist. Almost.
  • I went through McDonalds this morning because I was weak. Remind me never to do that again. Bleh.
  • I continue to watch Beasley on the web cam. He's sleeping again. Yes, I am a little jealous.
  • I miss warm sun on my face. I really need warm sun on my face.

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