March 9, 2015

Another tournament day

We spent all day Sunday (and evening Saturday) at the home wrestling tournament. C-man's first match was against the kid who pinned him after he hurt his shoulder at the last tournament. He was nervous, but fought hard and lost 13-0, but did not get pinned. Let me reiterate, he did not get pinned.

The next match was against another kid he saw at the last tournament. It was the one he'd lost to in overtime. He lost again, but in regular time by 16-1. A much bigger margin, but again, he did not get pinned.

The final match of the day, he battled hard. He was ahead the entire match, and with only one second to go, got his coveted pin. (As his friend and teammate and timer was shouting, "He got it! He got it! He totally got it!" Beerman and I suspected his teammate had absolutely no intention of calling time until C-man got that pin. So it was nice that he still had a whole second to spare.)

It's funny how one raised arm (and a third pin for your hat) can make all your troubles go away. This morning he declared getting that pin was as good as getting first. Good job, buddy.

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