March 3, 2015

2 Days to Go

  • One of the parents of a kid on the baseball team doesn't have an email address. Huh? How is that even possible? Don't you need that to sign up for just about everything?
  • The snow came last night. Of course, the snow and ice happen when Beerman is away. I'm hoping it goes away soon. So far, with 3 days in, March can suck it.
  • Kohl's stock is above 74 for anyone watching. I, of course, watch closely and was more than happy to yell, "Sell!" at the opening bell this morning. That felt pretty good.
  • I keep trying to like Instagram, and am failing. But then I found @hotdudesreading. That helped my engagement.
  • Is it Thursday yet? Only 2 days until Beasley Day!


Mary Z said...

What causes those interesting ice formations? Happy Beasley Day!

Hasan Almasi said...

Hi. I saw your great photos ans I liked them.
Thank you for linking to my blog Bokeh.