March 2, 2015

I see Spring. Okay, I don't, but whatever.

  • I dreamed of the baseball draft all night last night. Man, I can't take the stress.
  • We are getting connected to city water, and the company is a nightmare. They want me home at a drop of a hat at all hours so they can get in the house. Um, no.
  • I'm on dinner duty tonight. I'm terrible at dinner duty. It's what happens when you never cook anymore.
  • Someone referred to March as "winter's back being broken". I really loved that.
  • C-man's birthday is this month. The kid wants nothing that's cheap - Beats and an iPod.
  • I was thinking he should get a bike. We'll see how this works out...
  • Is it Friday yet?

1 comment:

Mary Z said...

March is our birthday month, too - oldest granddaughter on the 14th, youngest granddaughter on the 15th, mine on the 16th. A good month!
Happy Birthday, C-Man!