March 31, 2015

Trifles and Notions

  • C-man's babysitter didn't show up on time yesterday. (He had a half-day. Because of course, you'd have a half-day on Monday when you have Friday and the following week off.) He texted me an hour after she was supposed to be there. I was so angry.
  • He'd already made himself lunch and watched a TV show before he felt it necessary to let me know he was home alone.
  • Beasley continues to integrate into the household. He has all of C-man's stuffed toys that are balls (basketball pillow, football pillow, nerf football) commandeered as his own now.
  • I can hardly believe we have next week off. It's so exciting.
  • I hope my beehives come so I can paint and set them up before the bees come.
  • The arthritis nonsense has been a real issue lately and doesn't seem to be improving. I can hardly move my shoulder. Bleh.
  • Baseball practice for the boys tonight. Hopefully Beasley and I can get out for a walk together.

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