March 5, 2015

The Day of the Beasley

Today was the day we'd been waiting so impatiently to arrive. The day we busted C-man out of school early for a celebratory Miss Katie's Diner lunch, drove to Waukegan and met a couple who were the owners of Beasley, and drove him home.

He's a beautiful dog who is going to like being played with a whole lot. He's quite curious and still roaming the house checking it all out. (He definitely isn't crazy like Riley, but not yet enjoying the zen Harry so easily found.) We took him for a short walk and quickly learned he'd not been taught walking manners. But we can change that easily enough. (Um, right?) And I think, it being wrestling season and all, he's going to cut some weight like the rest of us. (C-man is maintaining - not cutting, for the record)

I'm so happy to have him home. But I can tell I was a bit nerved up about it, because now I'm exhausted. Totally enjoying him bringing C-man's toys out of his room one-by-one, but exhausted. It is a good day.


Mary Z said...

We're so happy for you all and your new baby!

Kim said...

He's adorable!