March 18, 2015

And in today's life

  • I got a video cam app to see what Beasley does all day. Um, it's pretty much this.
  • C-man got in trouble in gym class today for being disrespectful, which is really out of character for him. He's been quite a handful lately. I'm blaming growth spurt.
  • Now he has to write a report about his favorite female athlete. I'm really looking forward to seeing who he picks.
  • He also got a blue cast on his hand for the next 4 weeks. Beerman texted that he just negotiated a re-look in 3 weeks.
  • After all, the A's need its pitchers.
  • I guess that answers any questions about wrestling this weekend.
  • So much for showing all 10 fingers for his birthday photo.

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