February 16, 2009

Fox in Socks

Remember that day in January when C-man and I were off due to the cold weather and I dragged him to a yarn store? And he picked out a ball of (big surprise) orange yarn? Well, I finally got to it since my sweater is done, and he's decided he wants socks made out of it. Now this isn't sock yarn. But I figured how hard can that be? So I made one sock and had him try it on to see how he liked it. Well, he loved it. Except they weren't long enough. (Apparently all really good socks should go up to his bunghole like his soccer socks). So I started over. I should be done with the new orange sock #1 tonight. Here's hoping he likes it. I guess I'll use the other one for his Fox in Socks, since last night he decided he needed orange socks instead of blue ones. On the bright side, at least the work won't go to waste. On the bad side, I fear needing to make socks for all his stuffed animals. But he was so darned happy at having me make him his socks, I will probably keep knitting them until he's moved on to his next obsession.

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