February 27, 2009

Full Belly Tattoos

I've never been a huge fan of tattoos. I get that they're popular, but I've never really seen the point in them. I guess I've never had anything that I'm that into that I need to be permanently displayed on my skin. And I've never seen one and went "Oooh, I wish I had that!" On spring break when there was the intense peer pressure to get one, and all my friends were getting them, I ended up getting my naval pierced because it was only $20, got my friends off my back, and ultimately I knew I could get rid of it about a month later. It seemed like a win-win for me. (Except for the parent freakout, but that was manageable) So mix that with the fact that I've been having some really vivid, off-the-wall dreams lately, and you've got a recipe for craziness. Last night I dreamed I had tattoos all over my belly. One particularly large one, covered the entire right side of me, and even had a colorful ad for Pampers built in it. What? Anyhow, I woke up completely frantic and lifted my shirt to make sure it was just a dream. Then I checked and rechecked in the shower to make sure I really didn't have a tattoo. And I just caught myself checking again. I hate vivid dreams. They mess with my head all day long.


This Blog Of Mine said...

Well hello gov'na
Hmmmmmm tapping fingers on desk top figuring on what to say. first of all Jensconsin been there and boy was it cold ...WinksNSmiles... speaking of tatoos.. never seen the need of one either never thought of them as useful for anything but I have to admit when I went through my last divorce I stopped at the local tatoo shop and laid a cross the leather table and had the artist tatoo a sunkinlove boat on the right cheek of my arse.....Thanks for stopping by This Blog Of Mine and hope to maybe see you again...Gov'na

Anonymous said...

I have three, am getting two more, probably next week. I love them. Saves a lot of time scrap booking. I'm just like, "this is for the twins, this is for my husband, this one is...."
I of course obsess over design and placement far too long, but it's for almost ever sooo, gotta be careful.