February 18, 2009


I go in waves with my reading. And the last month or so has been another voracious reading month. Anything and everything I can get my hands on. One I read at night and the other I listen to in the car. And I get absorbed into them. I think about them while I eat. When I hear something in the news, I relate it to my book. My latest is The Confessor by Daniel Silva. It's a fictional thriller about the Israeli Secret Service vs. the Vatican Secret Service. Something I've never thought about before, but now find myself complete facinated. *************** I finished C-man's orange wool socks last night. I was on a mission to finish them. So I got done and he excitedly put them on. And then declared them to be too itchy. Sigh. Really? Chunky wool is itchy? Who knew. Anyhow, this weekend we'll be at the yarn store picking up some appropriate sock yarn in, you guessed it, orange. *************** P.S. I told you we weren't getting all that snow. P.P.S. Okay, some of it, but not the 10 inches that were threatened. *************** And who can not think this is funny?

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