February 23, 2009

What is that bright thing in the sky, and why does it make me feel so happy?

I hate when people talk about the weather. I rarely pay attention to it, and when it's brought up, I think, "Really? That's the most important thing you have on your mind?" I realize some people are just naturally inclined to pay attention to it, and so probably find it interesting. Although I've never understood it. It's sort of like when Beerman's grandparents would ask about the price of lettuce. I was always like, hell, I don't know. Whatever the store charges. But back to the weather. Because holy crap, the sun is out. For those who don't understand why this is a big deal, clearly, you haven't endured a Wisconsin winter lately. The day-after-day-after-week-after-God-awful-month of dreary, grayness that is apt to send you into a SAD-induced depression, even if you aren't predisposed toward negativity like I am. So sitting outside yesterday building a snow castle with C-man while the sun beat down on my face was a little slice of heaven. And getting blinded when opening the backdoor to let Harry outside this morning was a reason to cheer. And I almost reached for my sunglasses on the drive into work, but thought it would be better to be blinded and happy than to shut out the beautiful, warm sun on my face. So the sun is out. And damnit, I'm going to figure out how to get out of my gray cubicle today to enjoy it for a bit. *************** I just finished the Kommandant's Girl. It's about a girl who is a part of the Jewish resistance in Poland during WWII who ends up working for the Nazis. It gets a "Jennifer Recommends" star in case you're looking for an interesting one.

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