February 27, 2009

Wine country, here we come!

I haven't been on a good trip in years. And for those who aren't aware, that gives me hives. I love traveling new places. Staying in one places makes me jittery and impatient. Yes, even more than I am already. And I haven't gone anywhere in YEARS. So imagine my surprise when looking at flights to wine country to learn they're relatively cheap over our 8th wedding anniversary. Which also happens to coincide with artichoke season. Which also happens to be a fabulous time of year in Northern California. Which also is a time of year we can find cheap free babysitting for C-man. And since the Canadians have been asking when we're going to visit them for ages now, it's really a win-win-win all the way around. Sigh... only two and a half months to build up my booze tolerance to be able to run with the Canadians. Ah, who am I kidding? No amount of training is going to prepare me for THAT.

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Le laquet said...

That (the picture) looks so beautiful - I'm sure you'll have a fab time