February 17, 2009

He's rubbing off on me

C-man's favorite color is orange. And this isn't a favorite color passing fad. It has always been his favorite color. And he's a very black and white, er, orange kid. Give him a choice of suckers in a bowl like after last night's haircut, and he picks orange. Give him a food to eat, and he picks the orange one (unless it's a carrot, then the anti-vegetable rule takes over). Give him a whole new set of markers, he grabs orange. Give him red, yellow and blue paints, and he uses up the red and yellow to make different shades of orange. You get the picture. He loves orange. And he's convinced some of his closest friends to change their favorite colors to be orange too. And the other day I was at a training and asked to grab the item of my favorite color, and I paused for a minute before I grabbed something blue. Because I found myself unconsciously reaching for the orange one. I don't know if it's because I'm now trained to get the orange things because I know C-man will enjoy them, or if maybe his preferences are rubbing off on me. I'm guessing it's a bit of both. And the fun thing is, I kind of like it.

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