February 26, 2009


Each morning, I press the grind button on the coffee grinder and turn on the teapot. After the grinder automatically shuts off according to my specific grind courseness and cup settings (and Harry stops howling), I put the coffee in my French press. Once the teapot whistles, I pour the water in the French press, swirl, and set the timer for 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, I press the plunger down and pour out the coffee into two separate cups. A little cream in mine, just black for Beerman. I tell you this, not so you'll know how to make me French press coffee when you stay over at the house. Although it is hands down the absolute best way to make coffee, and I would be truly grateful. (And trust me, we've tried the drip, the percolator, the weird vacuum pot things, and espresso makers, both stovetop and expensive machine contraptions. French press is the best.) But because I am now shaking so much I can hardly type. That's because I continued with my ritual this morning, and have for the last few mornings. Except I've only been putting in half as much water and pouring the rich, velvety goodness into one cup. No problem, right? Wrong. I haven't changed the settings on the coffee grinder. So it's still grinding the same old 6 cups worth meant for our usual 2 people (yes, we like it strong). But I'm only pouring it into ONE cup. Holy crap! No wonder I'm unable to function. I'm consuming enough coffee for 6 people before 8 a.m., and doing it with chasers of black tea all day. At least now I know why my heart is racing. Too bad it took me 4 days to figure it out!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very energetic way to start your day! :) Minus the shakes!