February 10, 2009

Keys, PlayDoh, and Hotel Beds

So I'm in Chicago in the middle of a week-long certification. This morning as I got out at the infamous Lake Forest oasis (aka - over the interstate rest stop), I reached in my pocket and came out with a minivan key. Yeah... umm... I wasn't driving the minivan. So after a mild panic, a voicemail left while Harry howled, Beerman calling me back, hanging up so he could search and find the spare key, and then finally calling me back to tell me he had it while I was having a mild heart attack that I'd have to drive the 80 miles back to Milwaukee, I continued on my way. I was making good time, about 45 minutes early until I was about 5 miles out from downtown. It then took me an hour 15 minutes to go 5 miles. I was a half-hour late. This is why I hate Chicago. But I made it. And the best part? They had Play-Doh on the tables. With the cutters! And I didn't even have to use the excuse that I have a 3 year old so I can play with it. It was fabulous. I love creative training sessions. After a long-ass day, I then trucked over to my hotel. Where I pulled up to the high class hotel valet in my dirty ghetto-like car with parts of the door falling off. Where apparently I'd made the reservation for last week instead of this week. At least one thing turned out right for me - they had a room available, because nothing goes on in Chicago in the middle of February. But I've got a more expensive Queen bed instead of a special King. Oh well. That's what I get for being so freaking scattered these days. And did I mention that yesterday C-man was supposed to go to the Alzheimer's home? Yeah, that means leave his car seat. Which I forgot to do. Luckily one of the parents who were responsible enough to drive had a spare booster seat. Good thing. These days I'm lucky to even remember to strap my kid in. Maybe he should get used to visiting the Alzheimers home, because it's going to be me he's visiting soon enough. Thankfully Beerman is in charge of library day and Valentines day and Jesus money day tomorrow. God only knows how I'd screw THAT one up! Maybe I need to start beefing up on the Ginko or something, because this is getting ridiculous.

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