February 15, 2009


Beerman and I have been going through old photos, trying to consolidate them into one place. For some reason, he had a bunch of our Hawaiian trip. So in this one it's Beerman, his little sis, and me on a ranch in Hawaii. It was an amazingly beautiful place, in the mountains right with the clouds, looking down on the ocean. And I got Red. And Red was the most stubborn, insolate, despicable cur you've ever had the chance to meet. When everyone decided to walk, he wanted to run. When I wanted to go left, he wanted to go right. When I wanted to pet him to make nice, he wanted to bite me. In fact, I'm pretty sure we referred to him as Riley. He was a rotten, mean horse. And I cursed him desperately. But despite it all, it sure does make for some funny memories. I guess it just goes to show that it's more fun when it doesn't go according to plan.

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