February 5, 2009

The world is spinning around me

I'm glad it's almost the weekend. Because lately things have felt like they're spinning faster than I can keep up with, and it's left me with a kind of dizzy feeling. (Yes, dizzier than normal) Riley was supposed to get his amputation stitches out yesterday. Seriously? The dog didn't even get to have his freaking stitches out! I'm still dreading that box showing up in my mailbox, but a bit angrier each day that it doesn't. C-man had "tiny day" at school yesterday. Today he had to remember his snowpants and boots to go outside. And he just had to take Red Fox in Sox, who has a hole in his butt because he keeps sticking his finger in it no matter how many times I sew it. (Don't ask) Tomorrow is chapel day so he needs Jesus money. Next week is his Valentine's party, so he needed Valentines all made out and ready. Sigh. It's a full-time job keeping up with these special days. And next week I'm in Chicago at a certification all week. And C-man has to bring cheese to his Valentine's party, which means Beerman will have to do it while I'm gone. Not that he's incapable of slapping some cheese on a platter, but it's typically me who deals with these types of daily details. And somewhere in this month we have to figure out where C-man is going to school, or at least notify the other 2 schools where he's NOT going. Yeah, feeling a bit overwhelmed. At least the sun is out today. **************** Happy 15th anniversary dear sister. How'd that happen so fast?

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