February 19, 2009

When life hands you a box of the crazies...

I think I'm getting a bit crazy. This happens when my life turns a bit hectic. Frenetic, if you will. It's gotten to the point that Beerman and I are figuring out tag-team arrangements for him to be able to take C-man to a Dad/Son event, with me going to pick him up so that Beerman can still go and get to the airport on time. This morning, I grabbed one of "those" pairs of underwear. You know, the ones that should have been thrown out, but haven't because they're my backup to the backups? Yeah, those. And the thing is, I have clean good underwear. But they're in the dryer. All the way down in the basement. And I don't have time (read: energy) to go all the way downstairs. (Seriously, I do know how crazy that sounds). If that weren't crazy enough, I have buttons falling off my coat that desperately need to be sewn, but won't happen. My fingernails look like they've been put through a wood chipper. I need to get to the chiropractor, because I haven't been in ages, and you can almost hear my tin man body moving. And despite that, all I really want to do is go to bed and read a good book. So much for prioritization. ************************* PS - Do you think Obama is going to Canada to finally annex them as America Junior? PPS - Do you think instead of Hail to the Chief they'll play Blame Canada?

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