January 23, 2009

Another fine Friday at home

Lately I have been having a hard time fitting work into my life with Riley's appointments and visits and care; school closings last week due to the cold; K4 visits and registrations; going to the police station to get my registration sticker checked; in addition to the mundane bill paying, house cleaning, haircuts, and dog and fish feeding. And none of that mentions taking care of a 3 year old and noticing I have a husband. Sigh... So today I am working from home. Because I need to watch over Riley. And I also need to catch up on some major writing that I can't manage to do in a look-over-my-grey-cubicle-wall-to-ask-me-questions-every-five-minutes-which-is-fine-because-I-can't-concentrate-with-all-the-other-crap-going-on-in-all-the-grey-cubicles-around-me-anyway-plus-I-have-4-instantmessages-blinking-at-me-right-now-needing-immediate-answers environment. Riley update: I am so impressed by him. He's sleeping a lot, which is completely understandable. And he hates the e-collar, which I can hardly blame. But he's getting around really well, jumping into snowbanks, eating well, and overall is in pretty good spirits. He was in some pain last night, but another pain med seemed to make him more comfortable. His urine was yellow today, which means the UTI is clearing up, and hopefully is less painful! (Yea for the vet who chose the right antibiotic!) Our issue while he's learning to walk well is getting through the linoleum kitchen. Without that 4th leg to catch himself, he slips. Thankfully, everything else is carpeted in our house. And it only took one digger for him to learn to start going through the living room to get to the other side. We've put rugs all over the kitchen to try to avoid future issues. You'll notice he still hoards all the chew bones around him. He might be missing a leg, but is still keen on playing Alpha:

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Indigo said...

I'm so glad he's doing well. I can't believe they've got him up and moving around so quickly!