January 28, 2009

Knitting for some sanity

My gnarly hands have been at it again. I was looking for a quick-ish project and saw this pattern at the local yarn store. I promptly scooped up the yarn and started at it. (Which made C-man say, "Mo-om, you're ALWAYS knitting." Yes, one hour a day = ALWAYS. And somehow while I'm ALWAYS knitting, he gets bathed, fed, books read to him, and regularly hands my ass to me in countless games of memory, dominoes, crazy 8s, Candyland, 4 gators, and go fish; Riley gets cared for; Harry gets loved; and Beerman... well he has to fend for himself these days, but that's a different story.) Strangely enough, I also picked out blue yarn without seeing the finished project in color. You'll have to believe me that the color is much richer in person than this picture taken under flourescent lights shows. I am on the homestretch, with one and a half sleeves and the collar finish, and to buy/put on the buttons. I don't really like the buttons on the sample, so that will be different. Oh yeah, and mine will probably look ridiculously lopsided and screwed up like everything I knit, whereas this one is perfect. But it's merino wool, and going to be really warm, and in case everyone coudn't already tell the missed stitch creation is homemade, I'll be the one walking around pointing out, "Hey, I knitted this myself."

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