January 27, 2009

My happy and sad

Happy: We had C-man's parent/teacher conferences last night. I know, crazy, because he's 3, right? But she put him through a bit of developmental testing, and had a good conversation about him in general. Bottom line, he's failing in "scissors". But everything else was pretty darned good. I even got pretty proud when she said he's one of the highest on the academic scale right now and is really good at making friends with everyone. So all in all, like Beerman said, it's fine by me that the kid is failing scissors after we learn that he's doing so great in everything else. Sad: Riley's back in the hospital. Despite our having gone back twice since he was discharged last week, when I took him back at noon today the ICU vet, oncologist and surgeon were all on him like white on rice. They couldn't believe how weak he was. I was like, um, that's why I've been calling daily and we physically brought him in twice! One vet is going to get her ass handed to her, because she took him off one pain med and gave him another. The problem is the new one doesn't kick in for TWO WEEKS! And she only gave us a supply of 10. No wonder he's weak. They were so not happy about that. So today they're doing an ultrasound because he didn't actually have a UTI like they thought, and they have to figure out why his urine looked like mud post-op. And they're giving him shots of really good drugs to try to let him rest and to try to get him to stop shivering. (Except some new moron was being taught how to give the shot, and blood squirted everywhere, and I got ornery about it, because come on! Which I know wasn't nice of me, because he was clearly shaken up, but really, learn this shit on a dog who isn't already feeling like he's walked through hell.) It's just so frustrating. We put him through all this because they told us it would make him better. I just wanted to scream at all of them, DAMNIT! WHY ISN'T HE ANY BETTER? FIX.HIM.NOW! And of course, now I'm waiting for them to call back. And I'm not really big on waiting, just in case you didn't know that already.

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