January 25, 2009

K4 and vet hospitals and Nutella, oh my!

My day has been made up of helping Beerman get Riley to the vet hospital again because this morning he was refusing to eat or walk (so they shot him up with some good pain meds that have since put him in snoozyland); visiting our parish school open house - which I enjoyed thoroughly due to 8th grader Henry's tour, much to my complete amazement (Public school is now landing in third place for K4. We now have to decide whether we're going to go with Catholic school or public school for the majority of C-man's schooling, because that's what will determine our choice between a Lutheran or Catholic K4 school); and sneaking spoonful after gooey spoonful of Nutella that I purchased yesterday in a moment of complete weakness about an hour before dinner (although "sneaking" would imply nobody knew it was me causing the container to dwindle, when Beerman is allergic to hazelnut and C-man doesn't have the pleasure of knowing the amazing thing that is Nutella spread on white bread quite yet). Wow, pretty exciting life I lead, eh? Next thing you know I'll be talking about the weather or what clothes I picked out for work tomorrow. (Frickin' cold at 15.6 degrees and an aqua/black striped sweater.)

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