January 14, 2009

Seriously? I drive a minivan!

So last night I went to pick up C-man from preschool. At which he promptly greets me with, "But I don't want to go home; I want to stay here for a really long time!" Um, I missed you too, you little ____. So after 20 minutes of cajoling, bribing and flat out threatening, I get him bundled up to go out in the nightmare that is outside right now, get him in the car, and start slip sliding the 2 miles home to where I know I have to feed the dogs, feed the kid, feed myself, read the mail, bathe the kid, hug the dogs, and get everything ready for the next morning, because Beerman is still in Denver. (He's on his way back, so don't get any funny ideas about us being on our own any longer). So imagine my surprise when about 4 blocks from home I see rollers show up in my rearview mirror. Yup, the ol' blue and white. 5.0. Po-po. Po-lice. Polecat. Copper-car. And I think, "Is that for me?" And since there's absolutely nobody else around in this residential neighborhood, I figured it had to be. I checked my speed. 27 mph in a 25. Certainly I can't be getting pulled over for that. And while it's slippery out, I wasn't fishtailing or doing anything erratic. So why on earth would a Fox Point police officer pull me over when it's 1 friggin' degree outside when I'm doing absolutely nothing wrong in a green minivan? And while I'm sure there are some people out there who have done some really badass stuff while driving a minivan... Really? You're pulling over someone in a green minivan in Fox Point who isn't really doing anything wrong? Well, apparently I was. Here it is, folks... My major transgression was... hold on to your seats now ladies and gentlemen because this is going to blow you away... I don't have my '09 registration sticker on my rear license plate. Yup. No sticker. Cuff me, put me in jail and throw away the key. Now it wasn't that I didn't pay my bill. Nope, the $75 for that is already paid. No, I was pulled over at 6 p.m. on a Tuesday night when it's 1 degree outside because I didn't have my Goddamn '09 sticker on my rear license plate! And why didn't I just put my sticker on like a good citizen you ask? Because it was due December 28th, so I paid the bill that week. And in case you didn't realize, the Department of Transportation is a government agency. You know, one of those that might or might not work during the last week of the year, that one week between Christmas and New Years. So apparently when you send in your check, they have somebody picking up the mail to cash them to try to cover the $5.4 billion deficit this state has, but not necessarily do anything other than that. Hence, no sticker. So there I am, pulled over, 4 blocks from home, having to pee like a RACEHORSE because I didn't do it at at C-man's school because we live 2 miles from school and I just wanted to get his "I want to stay at school forever because Miss Lisa lets me do whatever I want and makes popcorn for me even though it's right before dinner and my parents have told her a thousand times to PLEASE not do that" butt the hell out of there. So I'm beyond completely annoyed. I mean COMPLETELY annoyed at this point. Seriously, I drive a green minivan! With a 3 year old safely and legally strapped in the backseat. And I have my own seatbelt on. With NPR on the radio. And I was in Fox Point, Wisconsin, and my license says I live in Bayside, Wisconsin... 4.Blocks.Away! And it's beyond cold outside! And why is all this happening again? Let's review... Because I didn't have my '09 STICKER ON!!! Sigh... So now I have a court date and a fine. OR I have to receive my sticker, put it on my license plate, and show up at a police station to get a card signed within 15 days, and then mail said card into the Fox Point police station. Which I'll of course do instead of the court date and fine, but what an absolute pain. The best part was after the overly-vigilant police officer gave me my paperwork and we drove away, C-man innocently says, "Mommy, why are you signing the Mickey Mouse Club song?" To which I replied, "Sometimes, C-man, it just fits the moment." I guess he thought so too, because we sang it together the rest of the way home.

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