January 26, 2009

What makes your life extraordinary?

A blogger I love to read, because she's pretty inspiring and who also makes me insanely jealous because she happens to take the most amazing photos, posed the question today, "What makes your life extraordinary?" And I have to say, with my tired eyes and aching back from helping carry a 92 lb dog amputee around the house and swollen arthritic hands, I just sat for a few minutes, a bit dumbfounded. Because albeit chaotic, my life is, well ordinary. But I guess that's the whole point, right? So here goes... I have a husband. Who makes beer. And the base for my homemade vanilla that should be done in another month. In our basement. And he loves me more than I deserve most days. And his dinners are usually divine. I have a son. Who is really smart. And funny. And wants to do nothing more than please you while having fun. Who loves baking. And sports. Any sport. And I love him more than I love myself. I live with two dogs. One came out of a mudhole. Abused and tortured. And now he's one of the nicest, best dogs you can imagine. The other is a recent amputee. And he's going to fight this too. Their spirit to keep going and forgive others quickly teaches me every single day. And I'm me. Surrounded by so much, I just need to sometimes remind myself how extraordinary it all is. ***************************** Happy 7th birthday, Harry!

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