January 13, 2009

I only give gifts I like

So for Christmas, one of Beerman's gifts from me was a Bodum french press coffeemaker. It's the "Brazilian" model. (Nevermind that while I'm no expert, I have been to Brazil a couple of times and never seen anyone use one of these suckers). It is by far the best way to make coffee. Anyhow, I got him a new one because he broke the last two we had. So this one is all his. Except I covet it. Which is okay, since it's in my house. And in my house = mine. So I also get to use it regularly. Which is important because when Beerman makes it, I suspect he doesn't bother to even add the water. Which is always a bit much for me. And this morning, after a night of whimpering while in the fetal position due to the low pressure weather system bringing us our second Alberta Clipper of the week, I needed it. Desperately. So I threw worries about my growing caffeine addiction (I noticed a dull headache at the base of my neck yesterday at 3 p.m.) aside and made myself one enormous to-go cup. And it was heaven. (I actually picture heaven with some of the finest coffee bars ever seen when I'm drinking it). It was such heaven that I didn't even care when an idiot cut me off on the road. Because I had the sweet, sweet nectar of coffee in my hands. That, and it is sunny today. And that just can't be ignored this time of year. Now I just have to figure out what C-man "needs", since his birthday is next...

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