January 24, 2009

Another Soccer Saturday

This week we had him wear shorts so he wasn't pulling his pants up to you-know-where. The windup...GOOOOOAAAALLL!
Breaking away with the ball:
The child who remembered when he wasn't listening to his coach very well last week that his Dad said he could have Culvers after his soccer practice if he was good:
Riley update:
Last night I took Riley back to the hospital. He was shaking and crying. It was awful. They had us take his fentanyl patch off, which apparently makes some dogs dysphoric. That, and they gave him a couple shots of the good stuff. So after spending his morning like the photo below with one of us petting and hugging him, he actually greeted me at the door after soccer practice and was pretty happy. The really good news is that they tested the lymph node of his amputated leg to officially stage the cancer, and there was nothing in the lymph node. That could have been a big bummer after he's gone through all of this.

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