March 30, 2009

Am I standing on my head?

Today nothing is as it is supposed to be. I was supposed to go to the doctor to get my broken abs checked out. Except my car wouldn't start. And Beerman's cell was dead. So I re-scheduled my appointment for Thursday, since my doctor still isn't back from India (and I decided if I'm going to have to reschedule anyway, I might as well see my own doctor). And then I was supposed to pay my latest installment of property taxes. Except apparently I paid LAST year's amount instead of this year's amount, so they fined me and made me pay the whole reamining amount due plus a stupid fine. (Fine. I screwed up and paid the wrong amount. But seriously? I was $13.83 short by paying a number that was coincidentally exactly the same as last year's amount. So apparently that's worth an $80 fine and requirement to pay the remaining amount instead of in another installment to drag this out. Seriously? It's not like I was trying to skip out on my taxes. I was $13.83 short to a tune of what was EXACTLY last year's payment! When the lady got snotty upon my arrival and sneered, "You can pay whatever amount you want, because you're being fined." I just smiled, sighed, and said, "I'll pay what I owe if you'll tell me what that is" Seriously, why get so bent out of shape over $13.83? If they had phoned to tell me that initially, it would have been a lot cheaper and easier for everyone, but I guess that's too much to ask these days. Apparently this kind of crap is what my taxes go toward. I hate this village.) Then I got to work. Where I'm supposed to use my ID badge to go everywhere. Except I left it in the car that wouldn't start that I then had Beerman drive so I can pick C-man up tonight because secretly I'm afraid the car won't start again. The good news of my day? I didn't have to wake up at 5 a.m. to go to boot camp, and got to leisurely sleep in for another hour. Had I known what the day was to turn into, though, I probably would have stayed home all day and watched Twilight again (I broke down and bought it. What am I, like 14?)

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