March 7, 2009

Fat Camp

There was a contest running for a 12-week intensive training, nutrition, kick your ass sort of thing. So in 150 words or less, you had to describe your mind-body-spirit needs. Well, apparently sob stories win, because I just got notice that I'm in. It's a $1300 fat camp program I get for free. Perfect, right? Well, this is my life, and it's at 5:45 every morning. Which alone isn't a problem, except Beerman has travel time coming up, and I can't leave C-man alone with just Harry to watch him. Sigh. Beerman's job is REALLY starting to get in the way of my life. Anyhow, tomorrow afternoon is the fat camp kickoff, so I'll learn more. And then I'm going to start wracking my brain to figure out who I can beg to help me with C-man on the mornings Beerman is gone. Because, damnit, fat camp is a dream of mine, and I didn't even have to flash for it.

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