March 20, 2009

Pre-Birthday Preparation

The pottery painting party place is booked, the non-RSVPing parents are tracked down (good thing, because 10 of them were planning on coming!), the cake ordered, treat bags assembled, birthday gift is purchased, and today's brownie treats are made (and I actually remembered to take them to school). T-1 day to 4 years old, and I think I've got everything covered except calling the pizza place with an order. He really wanted brownies for today's preschool treat. So we made them. This morning he recited his entire recipe in the correct amounts to his babysitter. Apparently baking is really fun for him. (Just in case I didn't notice that during his overexuberant egg cracking). Once I'm not so lazy, I'll have to upload the funny photos of Mr. Chocolate Face licking the spoon. TGIF and Gooooooooooo, Goooooooooo, Go! Marquette! Go! Go! Go! Go!

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