March 12, 2009

No dunking or hanging on the rims

I'm obsessed with my new fat camp lifestyle. I tend to get this way with things. I dive all in so that I can accomplish a goal. No pussy footing around for me. If you ever see me pussy footing, it's an I'm-just-not-into-this moment. And I'm all into this. Let me 'splain. Yesterday, I found myself perversely actually enjoying the pain. I don't like running, or squats, or v-sits (all done with weights), but it HURTS. And I like it. (Okay, I still swear under my breath a lot about all the cardio crap). I also received my customized nutrition plan yesterday. It was attached with an email from this incredibly buff but sweet woman who runs this thing that said, "You have lots of room for improvement on your eating (that is my tough love talking)". I laughed so hard I had tears. She thought she was being offensive. When Beerman looked at my 3-day food diary before I turned it in he incredulously said, "Are you really going to turn THAT in?!" You see, it's because it included fried cheese sticks, french fries, beers, and chicken pot pie! 4 days of fat camp are down. And I'm powering through it by focusing on the signs posted throughout the high school gym. I think I've read them each a gazillion times. But look out people, body under construction!

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Indigo said...

I'm so proud of you for getting up at 5 am to do this! I would have really wanted to fudge my food diary, I can't believe you told the truth!

Happy Mingling!

Do you get the weekend off from Fat Camp?