March 28, 2009

Day's Details

It's just too cold and windy out to do anything outside. Harry is giving me the evil-est eye he can muster about that. So after my sleep-in (which felt like a slice of heaven) we spent the morning at soccer practice. The coach had the kids AND parents play sharks and minnows today. Beerman graciously got up to play and let me stay seated.

You'll notice he's moved from white socks (so very bad guy Chicago Storm) to blue socks (good guy Milwaukee Wave).

Then we ate lunch at Miller Park. People must have spring fever, because that place was packed. This was as close as we could get to the field, since it was all gated off. But never fear, we made up for it with a trip to the new and improved store to get a Bernie Brewer doll to go with his 5 sausage and 1 baseball doll. I really wanted a zip-up sweatshirt, but I wasn't willing to fork out the $80 for it.Wow, you're blown away by the excitement that is my life, aren't you?

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