March 27, 2009


I guess this week is about finishing some things. Jury duty is over. My guilt about him being guilty has set in. Not because he wasn't guilty, because according to the law he was, but because he is so young (18) and it's just so stupid to go to prison because he got caught with a measley $20 worth of crack. Stupid, stupid, stupid. This kid will never be able to get financial aid, public housing assistance, a respectable job... all because at 18, his second drug charge = felony. Just kind of a slap in the face reminder of what poverty really means... My first round of bootcamp finished today. Now I get a 2-week hiatus, in which I have to work out on my own, before I go back to someone else torturing me. Which is a good thing, because I felt a not-so-good type of ripping in my lower abdomen near my c-section scar. I'm going to get to the doctor next week to make sure it's not a hernia. But the 2 weeks of rest is going to be helpful, regardless. And C-man's birthday festivities are completely over. All the pottery was fired and delivered to his friends with the thank you notes signed by C-man. Big exhale. Enjoy your weekend!

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